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Dotlights / She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - A Split Cassette Tape (Tape)

Dotlights / She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - A Split Cassette Tape (Tape)


I don’t know what this is but it’s beautiful and brilliant. (...) Also, you should definitely check out the video which features loads of different people waving and cheering at a train, followed by loads of people waving and cheering at a boat and finally loads of people waving and cheering at a plane. The footage is quite old and some clever-clogs has made it look like an old VHS which is something else that lets you know it’s brilliant. Incidentally, some of the film might perhaps be slightly Jones-Townish in places but hey, those dudes are having them some fun, waving and cheering and shit and you’ll be smilin’ for sure. 
Brilliantly, one of the “Recommended Videos” which appears on the right hand side of the Youtube page for this video is called “The Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial” and has received 656 views. I would very much like to see someone delicately applying their eye makeup, carefully adding layer upon layer of lead-based cream to their face WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN this music comes on at full volume and the person is so shocked they put a big line across their face like in Lord of the Flies, but then they get so into it they just keep putting mad lines all over their face until they look like a fucking maniac but they’re loving the music so much they’re just dancing around not giving a fuck. 
The ten-minute song referred to in the original message is a thing all by itself, quite apart from the synthesized madness of the previous songs; much slower and contemplative, it acts as a perfect counterpoint to the spazzed-out lunacy of everything else. I suppose it’s a fairly decent soundtrack to the moments of clarity experienced by the dancing makeup person when they realize they have made themselves look like a frightening psychopath and are now going to have to carefully remove all the silver sludge from their face and start again and the taxi is going to be here in ten minutes. Oh what’s the point? 
This is the best thing I have been sent by Collective for ages.
- Collective Zine

Released 16 December 2013 

Recorded in bedrooms and basements somewhere in between August and October 2013 
Produced & Mixed by Elias Lichtblick & Casper Rossing 
Mastered by Elias Lichtblick & Casper Rossing 

Handmade and limited to 50 copies

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