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Pastel / Merridew - Split (One-Sided 12")

Pastel / Merridew - Split (One-Sided 12")

10 EUR

This one-side split 12" features two bands from Italy and England. Pastel from Bari play a energetic brand of emo-tingend post-hardcore that fuses quiet, soft passages with brilliant harmonies, frantic outbursts and umistakable vocals sung in Italian language. Even if they consist as a two-piece Pastel are able to write
layered, atmospheric and heavy driving songs. Hailing from the midlands Merridew write pure instrumental tunes that sound like the perfect symbiosis of post-rock and 90s emo. With echoing riffs, plenty of melodies and pounding rhythms Merridew create well-crafted songs that ebb and flow. Think of a product of Envy, This Will Destroys and Texas Is The Reason. Very nice!
- Ride A Dove

Out on: Flood / Voice Of The Unheard / Monday Morning / La Fine / Don’t Live Like Me / Zegema Beach / Shivery MMXII Productions / Glass Of Spit / Alcoves / Upwind And Go Away

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