Stereo Dasein
Taïfun / Holden Goldmund - Split (12")

Taïfun / Holden Goldmund - Split (12")

15 EUR

This is going to get shipped on the 8th of December 2018.

Out on: Stereo Dasein, Honest House and Tiny Room Records

Taïfun has been around since 2005, operating under the Honest House label (BE). The band's influences range from Les Savvy Fav, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, to Motorpsycho.

Holden Goldmund was once a solo or project based collaboration name, but has recently evolved into a power three-piece. First hello as a band comes with this split 12" LP with Taïfun. Holden Goldmund – as a musical group – like to sit on cars and are fans of great bands that don’t care about anything at all, like The Meat Puppets, Silver Jews, Tropical Fuck Storm, The Modern Lovers, The Feelies, etc.