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Puzzle - Last EP (12"-LP)

Puzzle - Last EP (12"-LP)

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Formed in January 2010, [ PUZZLE ] is moving from its beginnings to a post-rock mixing brutality and quietness where each pieces are stretched over a length almost ten minutes to reach the state of conveying visual signals through sound.. Its four members then explore an entirely new style in Northeast where they dig slowly, but surely their groove in the local music scene.
“Instru-Mental, physical rather than cerebral, the cinematographic rock of this young quartet navigates a stormy sea, alternating hovering melodies and sudden tsunami sounds. Captivating, lyrical and powerful.” as has been described during the springboard “Emergences” final, in February 2011. Their debut EP, “Nothing but the rain …” confirms, over the three pieces presented, that PUZZLE plays with our emotions with a disconcerting efficiency. But the band’s real place is on stage, when the light effects are combined with haunting melodies and powerful sound. No vocals, just the emotion and instruments that leads to an invitation to a subconscious journey.
- The Siren Sound

Out on: Vox Project / Skulltrophy Records / Voice Of The Unheard

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