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She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - She Has A Cold, Cold Heart (12"-LP)

She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - She Has A Cold, Cold Heart (12"-LP)

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The interesting thing about allowing a melodic passage to be repeated over and over (...) and when you hear this repeated pattern over and over again, you become sort of acclimatized to it and you feel comfortable and assuming that this pattern is coming to keep completing its cycle and continue. Then a strange thing happens: you start questioning the accuracy of your experience of the repetition and you start hearing patterns within patterns and the alphapoint and the omegapoint of the pattern begin to shift and you realize that there is really no such thing as a repeating passage in time, that it's unique everytime and your recognition of what you thought was a pattern repeating is just that at your own unique experience of this sonic phenomenon in time! You created the pattern, the repeated pattern! The listener that is. And the listener is also the performer.
- Daniel Higgs of "Lungfish"

Out on: Aentitainment Records

Released 23 November 2015

All music is composed & recorded by Elias Lichtblick