Stereo Dasein
Stafrænn  Hákon - Kælir Varðhund (Tape)

Stafrænn Hákon - Kælir Varðhund (Tape)


This is some nicely mellow indie rock from Iceland. I think they've been kicking around since 1999 but a lot of my research was done in Icelandic using those auto-translate websites so forgive me if I'm way off. There are also letters in the name of the band and the album which this mighty website does not recognise so forgive me if this posts some random characters in either the band name or album title. The album title is something to do with a dog - perhaps "Fridge Dog", "Refrigerator Watchdog" or "Cooler Security Hound". Apparently this band or guy is pretty famous in his home country too. It looks like this is a project by one guy who has a band alongside him across a number of records he's released as well as this new one. It's kind of downbeat and mid-paced for the most part and lies on the gentler, melodic side of indie rock. It even has elements of post rock at times but the songs aren't too long and so it doesn't drift too far into post rock territory. It's a little lo-fi too and the vocals kind of drift and are laidback. The guitar sound is nice - a little intricate but it retains the melody. Stereo Dasein has been putting out some really interesting stuff lately. It's good. I'd probably get even more out of it if I knew that was going on in the lyrics. Maybe I'll take up Icelandic.

- Collective Zine

Árni Árnason: Guitars 
Lárus Sigurðsson: Acoustic Guitars 
Ólafur Josephsson: Guitars, Bass and some other instruments 
Róbert Runólfsson: Drums 


Birgir Breiðfjörð: Vocals on Þoka 
Bjarni Lárus Hall: Vocals on Through Paper Cylinder 
Loji Höskuldsson: Vocals on Sjálflærður Pípari 
Magnús Gíslason: Vocals on Sparkar í Túlk 
Markús Bjarnason: Vocals on Snjósveðjan & Norðfokan