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The World Of Dust - Golden Moon (CD)

The World Of Dust - Golden Moon (CD)

10 EUR

A twisted, diverse, psychedelic, lo-fi radio station. Also a 44-page book (A4, full colour) filled with surreal images and lyrics.

In De Ban Van: "a wonderful experiment"
De Subjectivisten: "immaculate, mesmerizing beauty"
Ingeplugd: "a piece of art"
3voor12/Utrecht: "the messy character makes this album a chaotic adventure"
Festivalinfo: "the album is kind of a modern sound painting"
The Next Gig: "intriguing music, not to please but to confuse, touch, experiment and force reflection"

Recorded at home in Utrecht and Bilthoven, in Studio Patrick, in La Foresterie, and on a backstage piano in Antwerpen, between 2014 and 2017. An iPhone, 4-track & 8-track cassette tape recorders and occasionally a computer were used to capture the magic.

Songs and artwork: Stefan Breuer

Bouzouki and bass on Peach: Arno Breuer
Vocal sounds on Tribal Memories: Marie Breuer
Drums on Former Kings: Tammo Kersbergen
Noise guitar on Blue Diamonds: Tjeerd van Erve