Stereo Dasein
The World Of Dust - Samsara (CD)

The World Of Dust - Samsara (CD)

10 EUR
Out on: Stereo Dasein, Honest House, Hidden Shoal, Moorworks & Tiny Room Records

Samsara is effectively a full-length collaboration between The World of Dust’s Stefan Breuer and Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils). Previously contributing keyboard arrangements for 2015’s World of Dust album Womb Realm, Tobias created all the instrumental backdrops for Samsara’s evocative songs. A shadowy universe of forlorn beauty, this lo-fi bedroom pop experiment is shrouded in elemental imagery and laden with ennui. Intimate and wistful, Samsara mines a similarly rich emotive seam to Mount Eerie, Sparklehorse, Low and Pedro the Lion.

In the summer of 2016, Breuer received 26 instrumental tracks sent by Tobias. In the two years that followed, Breuer chose those which resonated with him most and started to write lyrics and melodies. The endless planing of the perfectionistic Breuer led to refined lyrics, more direct and personal than before. There are words about paternity ("you were born into our arms”) and about Breuer’s sometimes faltering mental and physical condition, all embedded in a feverish longing for rest. Samsara offers, just like the performances of The World of Dust, a refuge of pure serenity in a stressful, complex world.

Samsara appears on March 1, 2019 (LP, CD and digital) on 5 labels in 5 countries: Tiny Room Records (The Netherlands), Honest House (Belgium), Stereo Dasein (Germany), Hidden Shoal (Australia) and Moorworks (Japan).

Music by Todd Tobias
Words by Stefan Breuer
Additional vocals on Citadel by Anneke Nieuwdorp